Reducing the Risk of Successful Cyberattacks

Adversaries use known vulnerabilities and phishing attacks to compromise the security of organizations. NC3 offers several scanning and testing services to help organizations reduce their exposure to threats by taking a proactive approach to mitigating attack vectors.

  • Vulnerability Scanning: Evaluates external network presence by executing continuous scans of public, static IPs for accessible services and vulnerabilities. This service provides weekly vulnerability reports and ad-hoc alerts.
  • Web Application Scanning: Assesses known and discovered candidly-accessible websites for potential bugs, backdoors, and weak configuration to provide recommendations for mitigating web application security risks.
  • Cybersecurity Campaign Assessment: Provides an opportunity for determining the potential susceptibility of personnel to cyber-attacks. This is a practical exercise intended to support and measure the effectiveness of security awareness training.
  • Remote Penetration Test: Simulates the tactics and techniques of real-world adversaries to identify and validate exploitable pathways. This service is ideal for testing perimeter defenses, the security of externally-available applications, and the potential for exploitation of open-source information.