In today’s interconnected world of the Internet of Things, every second can make a difference in either preventing an incident or responding to an event that affects the Nation’s critical infrastructure. The ability of the government, MCDAs, SMEs, and private sector partners to share accurate information quickly is essential to the Nation’s security and resilience.

NC3 plays a vital role both directly and through a network of partners to enable informed decisions and timely actions among the critical infrastructure sectors as they execute security and resilience activities. information-sharing processes allow informed action on three levels:

  • Situational awareness in both normal, day-to-day operations and a crisis or event, including suspicious activity reporting, incident analysis, and recommended protective actions.
  • Operational and tactical risk management actions in anticipation of and response to a threat to critical infrastructure at a specific location or across an entire sector.
  • Strategic planning and investment to build capabilities that strengthen critical infrastructure security and resilience for the future.

Information sharing is done through:

  • Alerts, threats, and warnings – Ensures situational awareness of potential and actual threats and catalyzes action.
  • Effective risk management programs – Informs private sector investment decisions and government analysis and planning.
  • Collaboration and coordination – Supports the development of plans, strategies, protective measures, preparedness, risk mitigation, and response and recovery efforts.

Information shared within a structured and secure information sharing environment helps critical infrastructure owners and operators guide investments, implement protective programs, and ensure an effective response to infrastructure threats as they arise.