The National Cyber Command Center (NC3) is a multi- agency entity established to strengthen and coordinate National cybersecurity effort. NC3 is responsible for spearheading all national cybersecurity matters/programs in the Republic of Kenya. NC3 also provides cybersecurity advisory to the government, ensures protection of National Critical Infrastructure and Kenyan citizens against cyber threats/attacks. NC3 also engages various stakeholders in the country with the aim of fostering collaborative security for Kenya’s cyberspace which is a key driver for national socio-economic development and stability.


To build a secure and resilient cyberspace for citizens, businesses and Government of Kenya.


To protect the Republic of Kenya’s Information and Information Infrastructure in the cyberspace, build capabilities to prevent and respond to cyber threats, reduce vulnerabilities and minimize damage from cyber incidents through a combination of institutional structures, people, processes, technology and cooperation.



We aspire to provide up-to-date and precise cybersecurity advisory to government, private sector organizations and Kenyan citizens in order to assure the safety of government systems, critical infrastructure and personal data.


We foster partcipative decisin- making,embrace professionalism in pursuing our mission and vision and ensure that all people are accountable to their actions and behaviors in the Kenyan cyberspace.


We are committed to upholding ethical principles in handling sensitive information, protecting critical infrastructure and promoting open communication in cyberspace matters.


NC3 seeks to maintain an environment of trust, confidence and reliability for the government of Kenya and its people.


We work collaboratively with cybersecurity stakeholders to establish and develop solutions to the dynamic challenges facing Kenya’s cyberspace.  


  1. Advising on and coordinating GoK Cyber/ICT Security matters; Strategies, Policies, Standards and Regulations.
  2. Establishing and Maintaining cybersecurity strategy, policy and SOPs for the security of Kenya’s Critical Information Infrastructure (CII).
  3. Conducting cyber threat analysis, coordinating cyber incident management and cybersecurity assessments at national level.
  4. Ensuring the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) of Government Critical Information Infrastructure and Systems
  5. Developing and managing National Public Key Infrastructure (NPKI) framework.
  6. Provision and Coordination of Cybersecurity training and awareness.
  7. Establishing Collaborations at the National, Regional and International level on Cybersecurity.